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Whether you are new to powerboating or would like to increase your confidence in docking and maneuvering the boat in close quarters, this course is for you. Boat Control On-Water Training Course is taught in four course modules and designed to teach boat handling skills to recreational boaters or personnel hired to operate a vessel used in marine patrol. Take the course with one of our instructors.

Taught by a NSBC Certified Instructor, the course will progress from safety gear and the pre-launch checklist to docking and refueling in close quarters; each maneuver is repeated advancing from idle speed to displacement mode, then planing mode.
On the Water Classes can be done on our boats or on yours, We supply all materials needed as well as life jackets, which are manatory to be used during training.

Course Modules

Course 1: Introduction to Powerboating
Course 2: Precision Docking and Boat Handling
Course 3: Open Water Boat Handling
Course 4: Open Water Advanced Maneuvers

Number of Students & Class Length

Each of the four course modules is approximately 3 hours long, but time length may vary depending on the age and boating experience of the student.

Maximum number of students per class is four (4). Minimum age of student is 18 years of age.

If a student is born after January 1, 1984 they must have completed a boater education class and supply boater education certification. Prior to taking the course, students are required to complete a NASBLA-approved online boating safety course as well as meet the legal requirements of the state where the course is being held. To obtain a boater education card go to


Each Module Course is $ 185.00 per student Note: All students must complete Course 1 prior to advancing to any other course.

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Terms and Conditions

All students will agree to and sign a Waiver and Release of Liabilities.
*This course can only be taught by a NSBC Certified Instructor.
* Sportsqualify for a certificate of completion after demonstrating the skills in each course.
*This is NOT a certification program.

Course Instruction on Our Boats are given at WFO Water Sports Boat Rentals, 4415 Sky Harbor Drive, Osage Beach, Missouri 65065